• Thailand's Best Kept Secret - Hua Hin

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    Map of Hua Hin Town

    We've had breakfast at this small cafe called Thong Punta, and it's famous for its pineapple cheese tarts. We love to go there for its awesome omelette, let alone the friendly staff.

    They have this cute map guide available for free, so we decided to scan it and post it on this page. If you would like to view a better resolution of it, just click on the image above. It's on Petchkasem Road (Soi 67), next to North Kite Boarding (which will also be posted on this site). If you're coming from Cha-Am, it will be on your left (1 minutes drive before Market Village). Parking maybe a bit of a fuss though, because this main road is quite busy.

  • Landmarks in Town

    Hua Hin Railway Station

    Located at the top (west end) of Damnoern Kasem Road.

    For Timetable & Fares click here

    Hua Hin's popularity began to increase in the 1920's as the railway line from Bangkok was constructed and King Rama VI built Klai Kangwon Palace as a summer retreat.

    Hua Hin's railway station is one of the oldest in Thailand and its main feature is "The Royal Waiting Room" that used to welcome The King and his court when they were visiting the town.

    Originally, it was situated at Sanamchan Palace in Nakom Pathom and was known as Plub Pla Sanamchan. Eventually, the room was transported to Hua Hin.

    It is designed in the same style as Maruekkhathayawan Palace and is an attraction not to be missed if you are staying in Hua Hin.

    Pone Kingpetch Statue

    On Damnernkasem Rd. (Hua Hin soi 76)

    Pone Kingpetch or Mana Seedokbuab is Thailand's 3 times Flyweight world boxing champion. He was born in Hua Hin on 12 February 1935. He became Thailand's first world boxing champion on 16 April 1960 when he defeated Pascual Pe'rez of Argentina at Lumpini boxing stadium in Bangkok.

    His victory brought such pride to all Thai people. Pone died in 1982 at the age of 47.

  • Attractions South of Hua Hin

    Beaches, beaches, and MORE beaches!

    Khao Takiab

    Khao Takiab area actually translates to Chopstick Mountain, but I've heard some refer to this part (as seen in the picture) as Monkey Mountain. It is located 4kms from town.


    Reasons to visit this "Monkey Mountain":

    1) Huge golden standing Buddha statue (try to find it in the picture above, hint: look closely near the darker set of trees on the left).

    2) Obviously... MONKEYS! (careful though, they're sneaky and smart... keep your bags close).

    3) There's a temple on top of this hill, and one of the greatest view points in Hua Hin (Proven by the main picture I posted at the very top of this page). May I remind you, that you'll need to break a sweat. Dozens of steps that may feel like the longest 5-10 minutes of your life, but I promise you... It's worth it. 

    4) Now, after that workout, I believe you should reward yourself with an ice cold fresh lime juice, or perhaps even ice cream at a small cafe near the bottom of this hill.H


    Suan Son Pradipath

    This beach area belongs to the Army Welfare Office, however, it's open to the public. It's at Km. 241, some 8 kms. South of town. The beach continues from the back side of Khao Thakiab. It's a very popular spot for the locals to spend a family outing/picnic together.

    Khao Tao

    Khao Tao means Turtle Hill. Located approximately 15 km south of Khao Takiab, om Petchakasem Rd. (Soi 101), this small village has a delightful little bay and 2 quiet beaches called Had Sai Noi and Had Sai Yai. Yet another tranquil spot which wouldn't be complete without including a large 'Wat' which means temple. Say "Wat.. Wat..?!" (not too loud, though). You would of course expect Buddha statues and shrines too. Don't forget to check out the fishing village and fresh water lake. 

    Pak Nam Pran

    If you keep heading south (30 km of Khao Takiab), you'll find this haven, Pak Nam Pran, which means Mouth of Pranburi River. It's a vibrant fishing port known all over Thailand for its squid specialities and colourful fishing boats.


    Now, for the younger readers.... I've gotta tell you, this is where you can also rent jet ski(s) by appointment.


    It's a 3-4 hour package of smashing waves, stop & feed the monkeys at monkey island, lunch (included) at Dolphin Bay (but *sigh* there aren't any dolphins), then finally, more of sea water splashing for the return trip. Beware, you might be walking like a penguin the following day, if you crank up the speed on the jet ski :-)


    There is also another package that includes more of a workout, because there's a 20-30 min walk up the rocky hills & down into Phraya Nakhon Cave (and of course, you'd have to walk back again to where you started from! You might even want to have a second lunch!).


    During this trip, you will be accompanied by local employees (on a different jet ski), who will guide you where to go, and also take pictures of you. YUP! Your own personal paparazzi! Oh, last but not least, don't forget to bring a waterproof bag, and maybe even add an extra anti-smash protective casing for your smart phone. Consider yourself warned. Take it from my experience. 



    Khao Ka-lok

    This fishing village is located about 35 km south of Khao Takiab, and it's fast becoming the Thai Riviera, where top-class boutique and small traditional-style resorts blend with the beauty of the unspoilt local scenery. Along the coast, you'll find some great little restaurants on the beach, and there's even a cave with a hole through it! 

    Khao Sam Roi Yot - National Park

    Translation : "Mountain with 300 peaks". Approximately 45 minutes drive south of Hua Hin. 

    Click here for wikipedia link in a new tab.

    Phraya Nakhon Cave

    Located in the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park in Prachuap Khiri Khan province. First step to reach the cave is to drive to the small village of Bang Pu located by the beach, and from there decide if you'd rather rent a boat to take you around the cape to Laem Sala beach, or walk a 30 minutes trek above the hill leading to the same Laem Sala beach. Since the boat ride only costs 150 to 200 baht per person and considering that you still will have to climb 430 m of uneven and steep steps we recommend you save your energy and take this short ride to the cave. You can also combine a boat trip to the cave with Monkey Island, ask at the pier. (click on the image to read further)


    from wikipedia: The cave was discovered about 200 years ago by Chao Praya Nakhon Sri Thammarat while he was searching for a shelter during a storm. He explored the upper part of the mountain and found the cave.

    Phraya Nakhon Cave is managed by Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. It is about 500 meters from Laem Sala beach and approximately 17 kilometers north of Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. Tourists can go to the cave by renting a boat or by walking across Tian Mountain. After that, there is a climb up the mountain about 430 meters to reach Phraya Nakhon Cave.

    There is a water well at the foot of the mountain known as Phraya Nakhon Well. It is made of baked clay bricks in a trapezoidal shape.

    Phraya Nakhon is a large cave which has a hole in the ceiling allowing sunlight to penetrate. At the top of the hole, there is a stone bridge known as "death bridge" because many wild animals have fallen to their deaths from it. Many kings of Thailand have come to see this cave and left evidence of their visit.



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  • Attractions North of Hua Hin

    Shopping, Family & Fun Activities

    Plearn Wan Vintage Village

    Located on Petchkasem Rd. between soi 38 & 40  

    Open daily from 10 am - 10 pm

    Plearnwan is derived from a combination of the English words 'Play and Learn', together with a Thai word ‘Wan’ that means yesterday. This is a place where everyone can play out the lifestyle of earlier times, and by doing so, everyone can learn some of the history, ritual, culture, and arts of living of that period.


    You'll find many shops that offer various products & services such as toys, souvenirs, pharmacy, music, photo studio, grocery, salon, massage and also retro style hotel. 

    For those with an appetite, they have a variety of food, snack, an beverages in shops, stalls, and bar.

    Klai Kangwon Palace

    Located opposite Plearn Wan Vintage Village

    Meaning "far from worries", this palace is the primary summer royal residence of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) of Thailand. It was commissioned by King Prajadhipok (Rama VII) in 1926. Prince Itthithepsan Kritakara served as architect and oversaw the construction, which was completed in 1933. The palace's main residence buildings are named Piam Suk, Pluk Kasem, Oep Prem and Em Pridi.

    The Venezia

    Open daily from 11 am - 09 pm

    More info: 083 842 2301

    This project that came from the charms of "Venice, Italy" has many shops and restaurants along it European walkway. They also offer Gondola rides (perhaps more romantic after the sun cools down).

    I personally think that it's Thailand's outdoor version of The Venetian in Las Vegas.

    FN Factory Outlet

    Opposite to Sheraton Resort & Spa

    More info : 032 406222-4

    For the female readers, I just need to list these brands: Polo Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Armani Exchange, Greyhound, Diesel and many more. How can you persuade your friend(s) to tag along? Well, this outlet also has a restaurant on a different wing of its area. At the back of the outlet, there is "SPACE" - intended to be a small museum. There are also some colorful giant Dinosaur sculptures that stand along the walkway.

    As we girls like to take our time browsing the goodies in this enormous factory outlet, I suggest that if your friends aren't into shopping, then you could also suggest them to go see Mrigadayavan Palace, or have fun at the Cha-Am ATV Park. Another option is to chill at the Veranda Resort & Spa.


    Mrigadayavan Palace

    Located on Bang Kra beach within the Rama VI Military Camp

    Open daily except Wednesdays from 8.30 am - 4.30 pm


    About 10 km north of Hua Hin, this summer palace was built by King Rama VI as a summer getaway, and completed in 1924. There are 16 buildings of golden teak, in Thai-Victorian style, all connected by elevated airy walkways designed to catch the breezes from all directions.

    Cha-Am ATV Park

    Petchkasem Rd. Km. 198

    Open from 9 am - 5.30 pm, Closed on Wednesdays

    More info: 089 856 3236, 081 893 3938

    Archery–Paintball–ATV–Horse Riding

    For the ATV (Quad Bike) rentals, this park uses US Imported "Polaris" ATV's and accommodate rides for all ages & levels, with international traffic signals.

    Veranda Resort & Spa

    737/12 Mung Talay Rd

    More info: 032 709 000

    Located on the finest beachfront between the tradition Thai resort towns of Cha Am and Hua Hin, a favourite royal and aristocratic retreat for over a century. This resort is close to The Mrigadayavan Palace.

    Swiss Sheep Farm

    Open Mon-Fri from 10 am - 7 pm

    Sat-Sun from 9 am - 7 pm

    More info: 032 772 495

    This farm was built in a valley with European architecture & atmosphere. You can feed the sheeps, horses, alpacas, rabbits and many more. Entrance fee applies.

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  • Attractions West of Hua Hin


    Khao Hin Lek Fai Viewpoint

    This small hill isn't far from town, 171 meters high above sea level. It would be best to visit this viewpoint when you've hired a vehicle and planning to explore Hua Hin for the day. They have a huge parking area, and it's only about 3 minutes walk to an extended balcony where you can get mesmerized by the glorious view of the town and buildings lying along the far stretching seashore.

    Lublai Cave

    This magnificent cave is 40 minutes drive from the Bypass (see map WEST of Town). At the intersection, if you turn left, you will head towards the Hua Hin Hills Vineyard. If you keep going straight, you will reach Pala-U Waterfall. To get to the Lublai Cave, you need to turn right.

    Lublai Cave has no entrance fee, and it only requires a 2 minute walk from where you park your vehicle to its entrance. The monks who have kept the cave well maintained will provide you with flashlights. They will hand you complimentary water when you return the flashlights back. Look out for the husky named MiMi that was gifted to the monks & raised along with the other soi dogs :-)

    Wat Huay Mongkol

    This Buddhist temple is home to the world’s largest statue of Luang Phor Thuad, a legendary southern Thai monk revered for his enlightenment and ability to perform miracles. Many believe that the amulets created in his image guarantee safety in times of distress. The statue, set within a park-like setting that attracts many visitors each weekend, was commissioned by HM Queen Sirikit and is the first thing you see when approaching Hua Hin from Highway 4 (heading to Prachuab Kirikhan). Sitting in the meditation pose, it looms overhead once you arrive on the worship ground. (Click on the image to read further)


    Click here to have an idea on how HUGE this statue is.

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